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News | 2015-03-16


Even for hangared aircraft, the surface of air-frame components takes a beating. It’s bad enough that ultra- violet rays damage the paint while parked, but the real damage might happen in flight—even at low altitudes. Icing, rain and engine exhaust blow-by create added stress for paint and bare aluminum accessories.

Starlink Aviation offers a variety of aircraft grooming services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and all, at the competitive price.


Exterior wet wash

A complete wash of the entire exterior of the aircraft, including the landing gear, from the top of the gear door down, the belly, top and bottom of wings, engine nacelles, fuselage and the vertical and horizontal tail surface. If desired, we can also wash the exterior window faces. Once the aircraft has been thoroughly washed, it is dried to a spot-free finish.


Interior Clean

 We work through detailed aircraft-specific checklist to ensure the individual needs of every aircraft.

Following items are covered in our Interior Clean grooming service:

Remove all garbage from cabin, galley and cockpit.

Remove dirty dishes and towels

Ensure that the galley is tidy

Wipe down all appliances, such as; coffee makers, microwave ovens, thermoses, tea pots etc.

Wipe down all hard surfaces including cabinets, drawers, woodwork, countertop, sinks, tables, windows, ledges, cup holders, mirrors and TV screens.

Straighten seat belts.

Vacuum all carpets including cockpit, galley, cabin and lavs.

Vacuum seat tracks, between seats and cabin walls, seating surfaces for crumb removal.

Sort magazines and clean seat back magazine holders.

Wipe down and vacuum steps and railings.

Clean toilet seat, sinks, taps, mirrors in lav.

Sort blankets, organize pillows.


 Interior Detail

The Interior Detail service adds the following items to the Interior Clean service;

Cockpit is thoroughly cleaned; includes windshield, sun shades, glare shields, instrument panels, screens and gauges etc.

In the galley drawers are emptied, cleaned, sanitized and refilled.

Sinks, ice chests and food bins are cleaned and sanitized.

Seat cushions are lifted for detailed cleaning beneath the seats.

In addition to being vacuumed, carpets are shampooed by hand.

Lights, vents, handles and levers are all cleaned in detail.

Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned.


Quick Turn Preparation

This service is designed to keep the aircraft looking sharp between flights and full cleaning services. The nose and leading edges are cleaned of bugs and the tops and bottoms of wings and engine nacelles and the bottom of the fuselage are cleaned of carbon and oil. The landing gear and gear doors are also addressed, as are any areas that would be particularly visible to passengers. Finally the windshield is cleaned to complete the exterior. On the interior, trash is removed, cabin windows and table tops are cleaned, seat belts are straightened, the interior is whipped down and carpets are vacuumed on an as-needed basis.


Will safely deep clean the surface and significantly help protect the exterior surfaces against continued absorption of and damage from, harsh contaminants such as: Bugs, Acid rain, UV Damage, fuel, fuel vapor, grease and solvents and fine sand and chemicals used in the maintenance of runways. The product will significantly help retard deterioration of paint from premature drying and oxidation. It will also extend surface life by combating the onset of surface corrosion.