The Starlink Advantage

A wealth of knowledge, professionalism and experience in aircraft maintenance

When you entrust your aircraft’s maintenance to Starlink, you are choosing a company with 30 years experience in AMO, one that operates its own fleet of over 20 aircraft and that, as an FBO, has ranked #1 in Canada and Quebec two years in a row as determined by the readership of Wings magazine.

What these indicators add up to is professionalism, experience and an unwavering commitment to customer service with full certifications for avionics, engine, structure and airframe.

At Starlink we will work with you to develop a thorough maintenance and repair schedule for the life of your aircraft.

Plan ahead

Flight regulations and certifications are justifiably increasingly stringent and all-encompassing.

As a repair station with decades of know-how, we will work closely with you to ensure that your aircraft meets or exceeds current standards. We will plan both inspections and maintenance.  We will meticulously log all of the work we perform so that your records are always up-to-date for your safety and to support the book value of your asset.

Our continuous inspection programs are Transport Canada, FAA (US) and EASA (Europe) approved.

We are large enough to service an array of aircraft at competitive rates and small enough to treat every customer as a preferred customer

  • Schedule downtime/maintenance time to fit your needs
  • Provide charter options should your plane have to remain on the ground
  • Plan for optimal turn around and sufficient lead time for part supply
  • You will have a designated service representative available whenever you need them

We really do take the burden of care off your shoulders.