Save time and money with our Corporate Shuttle Program

Comfort, convenience & efficiency

You know the drill.  Even for a domestic commercial flight with no luggage to check-in, you’re best advised to arrive for your flight a good hour before departure.  If you need to check luggage, even earlier.  If it’s an international flight, a minimum of two hours before you board your plane.

While business travellers are offered business lounges, they’re not quite private.

Why go through the hassle?  The most successful companies are increasingly turning to corporate shuttles as a preferred way of moving their people around.

Corporate shuttles optimize your personnel’s time – and we all know that time truly is money.

Comfort, convenience & efficiency

The time you spend waiting for flights and going through security at commercial airports – even with preferential first class treatment – is time stolen from your family, your colleagues, yourself.

Why pay that price when a scheduled corporate shuttle is like having your very own airline at your disposal.  The ROI is quite simply irrefutable.

Starlink’s Corporate Shuttle Program will get you to and from your destination on time, hassle-free and at fixed corporate rates, which have been negotiated to be far less expensive than traveling commercially. Add that to the fact that your personnel saves valuable time by arriving 20-30 minutes prior to departure and the choice is obvious. Your company can simply not afford commercial travel when a Corporate Shuttle is a viable option.

Don’t worry about your car. We have free parking!

Choose not to be treated as if you were just part of the herd.