Corporate Shuttles in brief

Frequently asked questions

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What’s the difference between a corporate shuttle and chartering a private jet.

The corporate shuttle is simply a more scheduled jet charter.  We work with you and your corporate needs to map out a route and frequency that is best suited to your operations.  It’s ideal if you have enough volume between two or more destinations to map out a quarterly or yearly schedule.

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Where will you fly?

Our customer service representatives will work with you on a needs assessment and advise you on the suitability of a regular shuttle or periodic chartering.  We are able to accommodate any destination.

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What is the advantage over commercial flights?

You determine the schedule and the destinations, so there is never a lay over with wasted time for flight connections.  Arrivals and departures are shortened considerably and your staff are aboard an aircraft with other people of your company, so the shuttle is an extension of your work space.  Ultimately the efficiency gains are cost effective.

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What are the rates for corporate shuttles?

Rates vary depending on distance, the volume of traffic you foresee, the type of aircraft required, etc.  Please contact our client service representatives for a quote

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What amenities do you provide?

All corporate shuttles have flight cabin crews to assist your passengers.  Depending on the distance we can offer a range of in-flight catering options.  In Montreal, our lounge is fully equipped.

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Are the shuttles part of your fleet?

Shuttles originating in Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport are aboard Starlink Aviation aircraft.  We can, however, arrange shuttles for you anywhere in North America with our charter partners.