Why choose a corporate shuttle?

Efficiency costs… on your Schedule!

If your company has people commuting regularly between your operations in different locations, perhaps it’s time that you looked into a Corporate Shuttle.

Corporate Shuttles are another option to owning your own aircraft or fleet or chartering flights on occasion.

If you currently fly dozens of people every week between point A and point B, setting up a Corporate Shuttle will free you from the aggravation of depending on commercial flights.

  • Direct flights to and from your destination(s)
  • Control your travel schedule
  • Significantly reduce your company’s travel expenses
  • Significantly reduce pre-boarding and exiting time at the airport
  • Enjoy the convenience of a private corporate aircraft without the investment of ownership
  • Personalized first-class service for optimal work perfomance

Cost effective

Even with frequent flyer programs, flying your staff on commercial airlines is expensive and often plagued by inefficient airport processing, delayed or cancelled flights and indirect routes requiring time-wasting stop-overs.

With sufficient travel between your locations, a Corporate Shuttle can actually be less expensive and is more effective in terms of improving how you conduct your business.  The aircraft and the on-ground lounges can become extensions of your office with guaranteed privacy.