Why choose an established FBO?

Clear skies: the assurance of experienced flight support

Reputable private jet charters always choose to deal with an established FBO.  So do owners and pilots of private aircraft.  It means one less thing to worry about.

With a Fixed Base Operator, you know that you are dealing with qualified AMO professionals.

The more reputable the FBO, the likelier that their personnel will be certified on a range of aircraft.  What you are buying is the reassurance your plane will be properly maintained and ready to go when you are.

FBO’s also usually have preferential rates on aviation fuel – and these days every penny saved on fuel costs can offset other expenses of owning an aircraft.

But it’s not just about the aircraft – it’s also the customer service that you want to ensure you and your passengers are well taken care of.  These range from gourmet catering services to luggage handling and, when necessary, customs clearance as well as such basic elements as booking ground transportation, car rental, hotel and restaurant bookings, etc.

So why choose an FBO

  • Security and peace of mind
  • Professional maintenance
  • Guaranteed refuelling
  • Concierge and other ancillary services to facilitate your arrival, departure and everything in between
  • Quick turn around time.

You’ve chosen private jet travel to reap the benefits, why wouldn’t you enlist the support of a proven FBO?

The sensible option.