Less is more – executive jet charter makes life simpler

Simplicity – the hallmark of our private aircraft charters

Flying needn’t be something that you have to put up with in order to do business.  It can be pleasurable.

At Starlink we simplify flying for you and, we hope, insert some of the glamour that was once associated with air travel but has faded from the world of commercial aviation.   But let’s deal with the simplicity.

Turn-key may be a buzzword at some charter companies, for us it’s a reality:

  • Your personal charter specialist will work with you to assess your needs and schedule your travel on your terms
  • We help you choose the type and size of aircraft you need
  • We arrange for ground transportation wherever you need it on every leg of your trip
  • We facilitate customs clearance for you and your people
  • We provide flexibility to adjust your itinerary with a simple call
  • Your aircraft is fully maintained, stocked and ready to depart when you need it to be

It’s like owning your own airplane

With Starlink aviation we have a fleet of aircraft at your disposal and our charter specialists are able to book flights for you worldwide.  Whether you are aboard one of our own aircraft or on one we charter on your behalf, you will always enjoy the very best experience in terms of safety, comfort, courtesy and efficiency.