Why choose a charter company?

The freedom to choose: 21st century travel sense

Let’s face it, everyday commercial air travel has become inefficient with greater restrictions, increased check-in time and all too frequent lost baggage hassles.  Sometimes it’s just a nightmare with unexplained cancellations or overbooked flights.  First class and business class prices have sky-rocketed, too, without providing the comfort, service and relaxation you would expect.

That’s why choosing a private charter makes sense for business travellers.  Wasted time has productivity costs.  Then there’s the stress that distracts you from your mission. Clearly chartering a private airplane is a wise and cost-effective alternative.

Your time as well as the time of your colleagues and clients is valuable.

Choosing to charter an airplane occasionally or regularly may just be one of the smartest business decisions you can make for your company.

Here’s why:

  • You control when you fly and where you fly
  • Accelerated check-in and security clearance
  • Enjoy complete privacy both in the lounge and on the aircraft
  • The aircraft becomes an extension of your office, improving business travel
  • Relax in private and luxurious surroundings so you arrive at your destination rested and focused on your goals
  • Charter an aircraft suited to your needs, whether you’re small group or a larger team
  • Customize the flight experience for your level of comfort or that of your passengers
  • Eliminate costly and inefficient time wasted on the ground